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Auto sleeper Duetto mystery switch?

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I have a 96 Autosleeper duetto which is running fine thankyou but although I've had it for almost 12 month I've just disovered a panel in the cupboard below the cooker.
The panel is grey with a grill in it, a green neon on Rh side and a switch at bottom but I don't know what it's for or what it does. Can any one advise.
I have attached a pic. of the thingy.
Thanks :roll:


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It looks a bit like a on /off switch for the 240 volt charger to me
Hi Druid, Mike is right it is your charger switch, green neon indicates it is on, Steve
Motorhome thingy

Thanks guys, I'd better make sure it's switched on then or I'll be in trouble if the lights go out.

Thanks again :D
hi just seen this and hubby says it is a mains charger, battery charger when you are on mains.
Motorhome thingy

Thanks for that I like to know what they se things are b4 I fiddle with them.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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