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Auto Trail Awning/Ventura Freestanding Awning

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Hi All and help

Can I somehow connect the tunnel of my Ventura Freestanding Awning to my existing Auto Trail factory fitted screw out awning.

I can throw tape over the motorhome and tiedown, but looking for a direct connection.

Here's hoping

Best Regards
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It may be possible to put the leading edge into the front of the awning rail slot.

Hi All

Thanks Peter, I could trap it by unwinding slotting it in and then closing trapping it, was hoping someone had tried it

Best Regards
Hi Adrian

I managed to clip the 'figure of 8' moulding over the top of the wind out awning front edge and clamping it in as you say.

A better solution might be to use one of these kits if you have the groove in your wind out awning

Hope the Ventura is otherwise OK


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Hi Graham

Yes all is well had the awning up over the weekend with tapes over Motorhome and secured at the otherside. Just thought it would be easier if I could get it to fit in the wind out awning.

Hope you are keeping well, we are off to Keswick in the Lakes for a week over hols.

Best Regards
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