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Autosat 2 system

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I am having problems with an Autosat 2 system, it was working ok a few weeks ago but on switching on now it is stuck on channel 66 and instead of dish finding a satelite, usually 30 sec or so, now goes round and round and up and down without locking on. I am sick of watching the dish I want to watch tv. :(
Thank you.
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the uk distributors are lcs leisure ( who i have always found very helpful. suggest email their "contact us" page for advice.

This is in the Hymer section of MHF which limits the number of casual browsers who might reply to your post. The Autosat 2 system isn't unique to Hymer (AFAIK). Not sure how you move this to another section. Perhaps one of the moderators could do that for you. But I'm sure you'd get more replies in , say,
Parts and Accesories which has a section for Sat. TV.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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