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Autosleeper Executive Awning Problem

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We have just tried out our new (to us) Autosleeper Executive and had a great time. However, when we rolled out the Omnistor awning (which seemed to work fine), we found we couldn't close the door as it hit the awning roof support! Is this normal? Is there any way round it? We tried extending the awning legs to make it higher, but it would have had to slope upwards to have cleared the door! Any advice welcome.
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Hi alphadee - and welcome to the site, as no one seemed to have picked up your post, I am replying to bring it to more people's attention, mind you it could be with the lovely weather, lots of people are away and having had half term they may now be back....

I know we have had this problem on a Hymer before, but perhaps the best thing to do is to get a length of pipe stuff they use for protection pipes and put that over the top of the door when you use the awning - mind you I would try not to close it too much - once open we leave it open and put the flyscreen across and use that to go in and out


PS - you will probably find it worth subscribing your £10 to be able to search the site and have access to lots of other bits - and it is soon got back from insurance and accessories with the discounts available

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Thanks for the welcome Carol... we are new to all this motorhome stuff having had a boat for the last ....... years instead!
The door is actually hitting the support frame bit of the awning, not just the canvas, so pipe lagging wouldn't really solve the problem. Maybe we need to re-mount it higher up or something. Anyway, thanks again.
alphadee can you post a picture or two, perhaps then someone can help you more - that sounds odd to me - but if you put it higher you will have holes in the side to contend with


PS Have reported your double post - so hope you get back one of them or you better hurry up and join as you will have used your free five!

Hi Alphadee and welcome to MHF's.

I have a 1991 Talbot Talisman Autosleeper and have the same problem with my awning. The awning is located directly above the door, and when the awning is wound out and sloping downwards slightly, my door will not shut.

I generally don't use my awning much because of this problem. If I do use the awning I will set it up very high above the door, which means I can open my door no problem, but then need the aid of a tennis racquet or similar to push the awning support rail up so that I close the door.

Julie :D
Hi Alphadee, I have also just bought a 1995 A/S Executive (my third A/S) but haven't managed to get out in it yet due to Hospital appointments. I have tested most of the systems (fridge not working on Gas)but have yet to wind out the Awning(mines a Fiamma) so I shall go over at weekend and try it out in the storage Hanger.

I am very impressed, once again, with the durability of the A/S construction. I am in the process of buying the kit, to change the Cambelt and other Belts. It has only done 50000 miles but no mention of belt change in the Service History, but coming up for 15y/o, so better safe than sorry.

Enjoy your Van and I hope you can sort your Awning out. Cheers Andy
I have a similar problem but not as bad as yours . If I were you I'd just stick a block under the support to get clearance. You could also look at those brackets that screw into the side of the van which accept the awning legs.
:) Thanks for all the replies... will look into the things that fit onto the side of the van... haven't heard of those before! Hope we can sort it out. :roll:
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