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Autosleeper Harmony Electrical Gremlins

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Hi all

we have a talbot autosleeper harmony and this weekend we used it on a c l site after a couple of months of being stored-up. and to our horror when we plugged it into the mains the fridge and lights wouldn't work. (no cold lagers for us)....and a very weak lighting (obviously running from a stored up leisure battery)

we have a basic knowledge of the electrics n the running and habitation gear so we did the obvious: checked fuses on zig panel, under bonnet and in mains fuse box), battery terminals and that was about as far as we dare go!!!

the plug socket worked fine for the laptop and phone chargers but that was it nothing else would run from the mains.

on the drive home the leisure battery had charged sufficiently for the lights to work and the fridge to go cold so the issue is isolated to the mains......(i think)

does anyone have any ideas??

many thanks if you do

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Hi Tasha welcome to the forum.
Great choice of camper !!! is the fridge working on gas and on 12v when driving ? anyway best you go on there is a dedicated forum for TEs and you will get a much better answer from me and others with a bit more detail from you.Dont waste a tenner on this site as they are more interested in newer kit.

Hi Just a thought, have you tried using a different mains lead?
the sockets are usually fed from a 15amp mcb the fridge is on a 5amp mcb the lights are only 12v and work when the aux battery is charged
try checking the the fridge mains switch
You have got a mains socket to work and there should be one 240v light to the right of the sliding door inside, does this work ?
As said go on preloved there are lots of Harmony owners on there and know them inside out.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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