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Autosleeper Harmony Manual

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I am just wondering how you get hold of one of these..Or is there an electronic copy anywhere.
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Contact Autosleeper - or whoever now owns them, and ask to purchase one. We did this with Hymer for an English version

I answered your first post on this !!! this is now to my knowledge your 3rd or maybe it is more in the last couple of days,why do you keep asking the same question as you still do not have the camper and have had many offers of help.

Wynn, I asked the question on the same day in two places in the forum in case it was missed. Autosleepers and parts and accessories.

When I buy anything I do my homework, you might find it peculiar but I find it pays. You gather any information you possibly can .... We are all different but that is my way of tackling things. cheers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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