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Hello all, i am expecting delivery of a new apache 700 as the layout is exactly what we want, my grandson who comes with us on every trip is disabled and in a wheelchair so can anyone who has a 700 could possibly tell us how they find theirs thanx.
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amok said:
Hi Indian
we have just bought an Apache 700 got it beginning of this month. We like yourself chose it for that particular layout. been away 3 times in it and its been great. Couple of things you may want to mention to your dealer are firstly the reading lights for some stupid reason dont work without all the overhead locker lights on which means you have to climb down from the cab to turn lights off which is a safety issue as we have an 8 yr old who gets up in the night for the loo. spoke to Autotrail about this and they have sent modification details to the dealer who is going to rectify this for us. And also the camera and freeview drain the battery, but Autotrail again sent switches to turn these off and these were fitted in 10 minutes by fiat on the pdi. Overall i am very pleased with the van up to press. If you need to know any more just ask i will be glad to help if i can. When do you take delivery?

amanda :D
Thanks Amanda for your info on the lights and the switches on the freeview hope we enjoy our apache as much as you are when we pick it up hopefully this month
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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