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Hello all, i am expecting delivery of a new apache 700 as the layout is exactly what we want, my grandson who comes with us on every trip is disabled and in a wheelchair so can anyone who has a 700 could possibly tell us how they find theirs thanx.
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Hi Indian

We had an Apache 700 from new for 9 months. Our son (aged 15) is disabled but is quite light so hubby can still carry him in and out of motorhome. We found it difficult to get him in and out of the seating area by the kitchen but this was made worse for us as his condition means that his legs are very stiff and permanently bent. The Apache in general was brilliant. In the 9 months we had it we did not have any problems and covered about 7000 miles in that time. We only changed to a Cheyenne 696G as we found it more practical having the garage for the wheelchair and we fancied a fixed bed. Unfortunately we have had in excess of 20 problems with the new Cheyenne! Hope you have as much fun with your Apache as we did

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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