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awning advice

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hi there, we just got a new khyam annex tent recently and put it up in the yard lastnight to see how it looked. it has the figure of eight connection system to the camper but i cant figure out how to connect that to the van. should the figure of eights be on the van first or on the tent. :roll:

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,Figure of eight on the van first, then pull the awning onto the piece thats on the van

Have fun :)

i use a kador strip piece nylon with rounded areas on each side, fig 8 onto awning then slide kador onto van and along fig 8 at same time after few attempts can do on your own, assuming your attatching it to your fiamma?
i dont have a fiamma, there is a steel strip around the edge of the camper that i was hoping had something to do with it

if you have no fiamma easiest is to fit 3metres of j rail then put fig 8 onto awning first then hook onto j rail the tension of the canopy will hokd it in place
Hi you need a 'C' rail

'Awning C Rail Pre-Drilled.
For fixing awning and awning skirt to caravan. Pre-drilled at approx 30cm spacing.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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