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Barking mad or good idea?

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What a novel idea. Might be worth a try if you're a pet owning potential motorhomer, luv the built in bowls :)



No connections, a mate with dogs found the site
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Its a good idea pete if not a little extreme,..people do love their dogs though.
Why not? Seems like almost everyone has a dog or two these days. Great way to keep up with the market and minimise damage (scratches, hair) to the habitation.
By the by, was just looking at camper hire for my visit to Canada in September, wondering if it would have been possible to take my terrier: not one hire company I found allows dogs, even paying extra. Also many campsites are now banning them as well - and the prices, SHEESH! All down to crap owners, of course. Might please some on here though, especially if they started banning kids. Thinking of grommett heading to Canada when they do that :wink: .

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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