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Couple of bits of information missing!

batteries _ARE_ 12 volt
generator/charger is 'x' volts?
"disconnect" from what?

As there are more technical people here than me, they may give you better advice, but untill they do, here are some getting you going info.

If you have a 12 volt charger (though in reality its not 12 volts, but we won't go down that road) you'll need to connect your batteries up in parrallel to the charger. Basically connect all the minus signed terminals of the batteries to the black lead of your charger. then connect all the plus signed terminals to the red lead on your charger.

In the unlikely event of you have a 24 volt style charger, you'll need to conect your batteries in series to the charger. (mail me for details)

Since you havent advised what your 'load' items consists of, I would play safe and disconnect your load from the batteries.

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