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battery saver plus drained my battery

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hi guys

i bought a battery saver plus to keep my starting battery topped up , two weeks later i went to start the camper and the battery wouldnt light a bulb , :evil: :evil: i bought it from maplins but lost the receipt so im stuck with it , these things should be fitted with a one way diode so this dosent happen so im going to take it apart and see whats in there. ive recharged the battery and its holding so far so fingers crossed .

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A few options here,
The Panel could be faulty, if you have a multi meter check accross the terminals you should get a reading of 14 to 20 volts with no load
The diode could be us and allowing the battery to discharge.
I experimented with our panel a few years ago, its a bit bigger than than the battery saver type and it blew a fuse in the T4s ciar lighter circuit. If something like this has happened it wouldnt charge the battery
As Paulway says, Maplins arnt bad if you have faulty gear they will normally sort no probs
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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