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Hi Kenny

Is it one like this

ICP Battery Saver Plus ....on offer at £14.99 at the mo

I'm interested because I have just bought one earlier this week for my sons Campervan which I am working on at the moment, he will be keeping it on the street so charging from the mains is not on.

I have had it connected for a couple of days and I can honestly say I am quite impressed, the charge rate is minimal but good enough to keep a good battery at its maximum. There is a diode fitted to stop any discharge overnight or on dull days. When i connected the battery to it the voltage was 12.60, after a one good sunny day the voltage is now at 12.80 so it must be doing something.

Are you sure that you do not have something on the van which is drawing current while standing, immobiliser, alarm or ??...maybe you need a bigger panel. They do make one twice the size.

Are you sure that the charge from the panel is getting to the battery? is the cigar lighter on with the ignition off?

Is the battery in good nick? A failing battery will self discharge at an alarming rate.

Hope you get can get it sorted, Maybe it really is a faulty One, take it back and try to blag your way to getting a replacement.

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