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Had BBQ last bank holiday weekend. 6 men 4 women. It was decided that the women would do the BBQ stuff this time as the men were fed up of complaints of raw/burnt food.

After an hour of waiting we had to take over lighting the thing. It is one of the things that men can usually do better. (lighting fires) as we are not worried about setting fire to ourselves. The usual answer is more lighter fluid/petrol or any other flamable liquid. (pass me that parfin please)

The ladies took over again at this point and the food still ended up raw/burnt.

The salads were fantastic though and by the time the food was ready we were fairly well drunk so didn't care :D

My friends had bought one of these gas powered BBQ thingies. It got used once. The food was better in some respects but it took all the fun out the day.

MMmmm, this is making me hungry. I am dreaming of charcoal burnt sausages and rare steaks :D

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