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Beam me up Scottie ...

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I'm too old for all this nonsense.. whatever next ffs

Don’t say mother or father as it could offend, Oxfam tells staff
The global charity's new guidebook to using inclusive language also bans the word headquarters as it smacks of colonialism.

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I have always thought that just because you disagree with something doesn't mean that it's bollox. It's just scrotatomically different.
I don't think mothers and fathers days will be banned...............except in your worst waking nightmare.
Remember when schools realised and started referring to parent or guardian.No fuss then as far as I can recall.But now we seem to be in the last days of the dinosaurs ranting and railing about the changes they see around them..................the trans woke snowflakes will soon rule the world
The thread shows it's all a bit of "who's the most right on". But in the best possible taste.
Nothing to get wound up about and certainly not to get beamed up about.
Talking about right on here's John Thompson as Bernard Righton way back in "well the time before they took over :eek::eek:
1 - 2 of 32 Posts