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Hi All, we purchased a set of ramps (standard yellow ones, think from towsure) just over a year ago, these have seen fairly regular use as we like to get away as often as possibly,

On our last trip away, as Toni drove off in the motorhome to leave me to collect the ramps, I noticed that they had bowed under the weight of the motorhome, not just the top bowing towards the bottom, but the entire ramp taking the shape of a banana. this has happened to both of them

apart from this they appear undamaged, just wondered if this was normal when parking on soft ground and whether i should now be binning these ramps and buying new ones, if this is the case obviously i am not very happy at how long they have lasted and could anyone recommend a better set

This is the set of ramps i have currently, they are rated to 4000Kg wheras my motorhome fully laden is approx 3000Kg

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