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Besting camping guides?

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My husband and I are new to camping by motorhome in Europe and the UK. Can anyone recommend good campground books? We're from California and plan to travel throughout Europe for 9 months and then spend 3 months in the UK. I've purchased the Alan Rogers book from Amazon but it certainly doesn't cover everything and leaves out quite a few major areas. Can we purchase a guide for the UK once we're in England? If so, where would we find it?

Thanks for any help.
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What you'll find in Alan Rogers is mostly full facility sites, not necessarily the smaller cheap sites!
I can't think of a printed guisde that covers Europe apart from the Caravan Club guides (from the Uk - 2 volumes - 1 covering France Spain Portugal, and the other coveing the rest of Mainland Europe.
In the UK you can't get better than the Camping & Caravanning Club's Big sites book - all their own sites, independents and the CS 5-van sites. The Caravan Club have about 200 Uk sites (and have CL 5-van sites.), Camping & Caravanning club have about 100 sites. If you're spenidng a lot of time in the Uk it may be worth joining one of both of the clubs to get the discounts on sites. UK sites are generally more expensive than in France/ Germany, so the discounts are worth having. by the way, CL & CS sites are small sites that are allowed to take just 5 units, but you have to be a member of the relevant club to use them.
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Thank you. Do you know anything about the AA guides?

What do CL and CS stand for?
We bought a Guida Camping Iberia in Spain which had a huge number of sites in Spain, The address system wasn't the best but it was very comprehensive, bought in a campsite office.

CL is certificated location, CS is certificated site. The same thing, licencxsed by the two clubs. They are run by the land owners (quite oftem farms), who provide water & dump fcailities, and sometimes electric hook-up.
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