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Bigger Gas Bottles

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Hi all

We are off to Spain next week, for four weeks, and are hoping to install a couple of larger LPG bottles than the standard two 6kg ones in my locker at present. We would then not have to worry about running out.

We own a 2002 Hymer B584 and have been wondering whether the 12kg bottles supplied by Flogas would fit in my gas locker.

Does anybody have any information?

Best wishes

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bigger gas bottles

What a wonderful site!

@ Detourer
Many thanks for your kind offer. Will pop in and say hello if you pm me and we're around your way. Nice to know there are still gentlemen around.

@ Hymer634
Thanks Alan, just what I was looking for. Went to my local Flogas agent at Hollingworth Lake Camp Site and it was £13 per bottle for 11kg.
Lady in shop suggested I visit our local council waste depot to obtain a couple of empty bottles. This I did and got one empty one and one full one, although it was butane not propane ... for nothing. Returned to campsite and they were exchanged for propane bottles for £26.
Flogas will deliver to your home for £15 per bottle plus £15 deposit if you haven't got an empty one in return.

Many thanks, Baz


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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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