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Bluddy Windows Update

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Latest Windows update has lost my Samsung monitor speakers.
I seem to remember this happening some years ago and now can't remember how it was fixed.

Been into 'sounds', 'device manager' and there is no Samsung speakers listed. In fact no Samsung anything although the monitor screen is OK.
So have to plug in some Realtech speakers to get any sound at all. But no where can I see my Samsung speakers listed even though they have been fine for years up to this morning.

Looked online and lots of suggestions about drivers but nothing about them not being listed.

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Wasnt the audio problem last time with these speakers just in Skype and you deleted the other speakers out of device manager or audio? Cant remember either. This is your all in one PC right?
Hasn't this audio problem happened to you several times Ray? Is it the same PC? Did you start a thread about it? If so maybe the resolution is there. I would try removing the audio drivers in device manager but I am sure we resolved it before.
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You can roll back Windows 11 Ray. The common denominator here seems to be your Samsung Speakers.
I tried rolling back the updates but that made no difference Baz. Yes the Samsung speakers were deselected last time and external speakers were shown and connected.
But this time there are just NO speakers showing anywhere. Not in Device Manager or Sound Settings.
The troubleshoot reinstalled the audio Drivers and still no change. No speakers detected?

You should be able to roll back the entire windows 11 to 10 though Ray not just the latest update if its only recently converted to 11. How to get Windows 10 back after installing Windows 11
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According to your own thread on P1 Ray this is how you resolved it last time.

Found it.!!!!
Seems it updated the "Sound Video Game Controllers" which eliminated the Samsung monitor speakers. Rolled it back to 2019 and all working again.
Only took a month.

Ray. "

Are you sure I cant sell you a new system? :cool:
Thanks again Baz.
Now back to Windows 10 and have resolved all the problems foisted on me by Win 11. Bastards. :rolleyes:

I Cant say I like 11. As usual it sometimes throws up stuff like this. Some stuff seems more long winded to do. It always seems they get on OS just perfect then they have to massively change it. Most of my clients have stuck to 10 Pro but one or two have slipped the net. The biggest PIA with 11 is avoiding setting up a Microsoft Account especially on the Home versions. It can be done but not easily. Can be a bugger to hack as well. I had to do some digital Forensics on a W11 laptop the other day but nobody had the password. Ten minute job when you know how. :cool: Took me a while to figure it out though.
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Now happily back on Win 10 and all my functions back again. Today Microsoft starts the NAG. Keeps telling me I need to restart to install the new updates. 22H2 or Windows 11.
Bugger that but how do I stop the nagging?

You can delay Windows 10 updates Ray. I sometimes do this if I am away in the van and dont have a great connection but its not wise to do so for long. Just make sure you avoid the big update for 11. It shouldn't install itself, you have to authorise it. I think it nags you less once you have rolled back.
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So what you are saying is a password is not much cop then?

Nah. They are not. Its really not that difficult. I used to have a bootable CD and USB stick that would do it in a flash but they dont work now. Its just a ten minute job though to hack 10 or 11 manually.
The Police always seem to be able to get into a laptop on TV shows easily enough so enough said BUT as I understand it is not at all easy to get into an Android phone without the password. People get fined in court over here for not giving up their password so presume that only the FBI and suchlike can get in with a bit of bother?

There was some case in the US not so long ago where the FBI had a dispute with Apple over this. Dont know if it was resolved but I dont think even Apple could get into some of their phones on their customers behalf.–Apple_encryption_dispute

I reckon most stuff is stored in the cloud these days anyway. Thats probably where the security needs concentrating.
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