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boxer service book

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i've got a second have Elddis 120 on a 2006 Boxer and i'm trying to track down a service/hand book for the base vehicle. it's a 2.0HDI if anyone can help :?: :?: :?:
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Our van is a 2005 Boxer 2.0 HDI, the manual has a serial number on the back of, AN. 04BOX. 0031

The front cover depicts a yellow High top Panel van & a blue low top mini bus type van.

Hopefully any Peugeot Dealer should still be able to obtain them??

Any difficulties & I'll try my local Garage, they are usually pretty good.

It is possible that you may find the Citroen Relay & Fiat Ducatto of similar age, are also very similar as they are all built at same factory I believe.

Fingers crossed

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thanks ****,

i'm trying the E-bay one at the moment. :D :D :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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