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Boxer sump plug

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I have started to replace the oil in my 95 boxer base van. The sump plug was very hard to get off but did come eventually. Is it a std size or a special size? I think I could do with a new one I haven't rounded it off but its close. :( :oops:
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Hi By a strange coincidence I loosened my 1995 Boxer(Petrol) Drain plug yesterday,in order to reduce the amount of oil in the Engine. I tried my Ring spanners, and found out that it was a 21mm spanner, which I didn't have, so tried my Plug Box spanner and it fitted perfectly. My Drain plug was a bit too loose for my liking, but yours has obviously been tightened by the usual Garage Gorilla!! Andy :roll:
The sump drain plug should be torqued to 30nm ( Newton Metres I think ) I don't know what that is in ft lbs or anything sensible :D

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