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Anyone know of a supplier of their stuff? I can't get an answer from them direct by two emails and our local VW dealer says VW don't deal with them anymore so they don't.

I faxed them this morning but no reply yet.

I have asked a further away dealer and he hasn't come back to me.
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Hi Derek,

Brandrup are official accesory suppliers for the VW California...

I would think you should be able to order via any VW Van centre...

Thanks Pete, I spoke about 20 mins ago to Deepcar who say they are the only dealers. They have a big order in with Brandrup and have been told they are running about 6 weeks late on it. They gather orders and place one big one now and then to make the import worthwhile.

Therefore the stuff I want is a no no as I need it to go on holiday in about two and a half weeks. It's not essential but would make life a bit pleasanter by the ventilation.

It is maybe why the local dealer told me VW have stopped trading with them as it was a supply problem.
Don't give up just yet :)

You could always try Reimo, they have an even bigger catalogue than Brandrup, I am sure I've seen similar ventilation products you are after on there.....


VW have fallen out with Brandrup. They will no longer deal with them. Reimo as already said are good.
Brandrup finally came back to me today and said they have suspended supplies as they are so far back in order deliveries.
Concept in Kent can supply me the Reimo type cab window vents and they on order, but the side sliding windows Leisuredrive fitted in their conversion are not VW so I can't get the grilles from them. I am still tempted to buy one and bodge it, but not sure until I talk to them about how they fit. Expensive bodge otherwise as they about £35.00
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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