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Breakdown Cover

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Hi All

Does anyone know of any company's that will supply breakdown cover for my motorhome but (theres always a but) also cover when i hire the motorhome out (i don't use a hire company) i can find breakdown cover without the hire out bit, but when you mention cover for the hiring bit they all go no we don't do that. The AA did give me a quote but they wanted a set amount & a yearly admin fee & then if motorhome did breakdown they wanted £91 a hour to recover it. Thanks
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If you are OVER 3.5t, then £91 an hour is quite good! Over 3.5t comes under heavy recovery, and if it leaves the road - or more than two wheels are off the road then it goes into thousands!

You can pay a recovery company in the event of breakdown directly - this will average £65 call out and £2.50/mile (one way) - heavy recovery is the same per mile but has an £180 call out average for smaller vehicles. If invloved in an accident, then light is £260 call out, then £45 per hour, heavy £450 call out and similar per hour - these prices are only general - they can be more, and are based on the vehicle being 'between the kerb' Over the kerb and you start talking telephone numbers - europe is worse!

If you have a fleet, then go fleet recovery, if not then it really isn't viable! You can try to get just the vehicle itself covered, so that any driver would be covered - or some smaller individual outfits ask the hirer to supply their own recovery cover!! lol! If they would accept this when it is a hire vehicle, i very much doubt! If you are over 19 feet or 3.5t then they won't recover you anyway. That would come under heavy which is £450 for full cover, but again that is private heavy recovery cover - not commercial!

Most commercial recovery packages do not have membership to any clubs - it costs lots of money! Welcome to the hire business!! Now you are beginning to realise why hiring out isn't cheap! Sorry i can't wave a wand and give the answers, i can only make suggestions - unfortunately there are many individual owners hiring their vehicles without such things which is a risk. Only you can assess the risk, and work out if the business is viable for you - it is expensive to run with massive overheads if you are doing it properly which is why the hire specialists are not hiring out for pocket money prices.

Budget costs between £1-2k per month for each vehicle to keep it and you covered for ever eventuality - that is public liabilty, hirer liability, health and safety, self drive, Security checks, credit checks, tracking company fees, monitoring costs and 24hr support lines manning etc. Also advertising, repairs etc
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