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Breakdown recovery

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Hi just wanted to ask what is the best company to use for motorhome to include European travel. Went with Green Flag to just find out they do not cover motorhomes abroad so i see a cancellation coming. Yes i know i should have checked but new to the game and ass/u/me/d as i booked through Caravan Club it would do a 90 day european cover.

Thanks in advance

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hi i don't no when your insurance is due but caravanguard is you best bet a good price on your insurancere and have a spot on brake down cover
Hi Daz we use safeguard of leeds they offer good breakdown cover home and abroad with there motorhome insurance do travel insurance too
no i don't work for them :roll: :roll: just one of there satisfied customers !
turbodes said:
Hi Daz we use safeguard of leeds they offer good breakdown cover home and abroad with there motorhome insurance do travel insurance too
no i don't work for them :roll: :roll: just one of there satisfied customers !
Safeguard for me too, though never needed them as I have a Fiat base vehicle!

D :twisted: :twisted:
Thanks for replys. fter searching i have found other posts with same question so i guess it is a common question. Afraid just took out insurance 2 months ago but will check if they may do it as i did not ask at the time. Otherwise i wil try the ones mentiones as a breakdown only.

Again thanks form replys

phone your insurance and ask them see if there have a brake down service. it only a phone call

good luck

Will do tomorrow. I am with insurance choice and just done internet search and they came up. Seems stange they did not mention it when i took out insurance so if they do provide i will probably pay more than if i took two products at once.

ok mate hope you get sorted out

thank tank

Breakdown cover

We are with Campton ins/brokers, they include breakdown cover, I dont think anyone else has mentioned it but whoever you go with make sure that if you are over 3.5tons you are covered.
mine is 5000kg and i have full cover and i have fiats cover
I did mine through comfort as a stand alone policy (underwritten by Lloyds)

Full Euro cover and NO size or weight limit. It cost me £81 last August for a '97 Hymerr 544
i'm trying to source european breakdown cover over here in ireland - but can't find anyone who will cover a van over 10yrs old.

i'm currently seeing if any of the UK based companies will offer me the cover - on which note I came across - which appears to give full european cover for £59.
Another satisfied safeguard customer (broke down in germany last summer, recovered to local dealer and fixed with no problems at all even though my van is 4000kg), only problem with many breakdown assistance companies is they have a weight restiriction at 3500kg, if you join through the camping & caravan club scheme which is managed by the RAC there is no weight restriction. I did shop around last month on my insurance renewal but couldnt better the scheme through safeguard.
I did a fair bit of searching around on this topic -

I found it to be a real nightmare. Several companies (including CC) said it was ok for length/weight issues etc. but wouldn't put it in writing.

If you follow the above link and look at the spreadsheet at the end you will get some of the limitations of various companies. It may be a little out of date now (completed 4 or 5 months ago) but you will get an idea of the pitfalls etc. especially for larger, heavier units and length of time away etc.

As I say its a minefield out there
EDIT: here is the spreadsheet to save you looking



Hi Chrisblack

There is a German company ADAC who provide cover. They cover motorhome up to 7.5 tonnes with no age limit. See some details below received from them. If you email [email protected] she will send you full details. Cost is about 80 euros.

"The ADAC membership protects you when driving your own and other party's vehicles in Germany following a breakdown, accident and theft.

Beside the tried and tested ADAC membership there is the ADACPlusMembership: it combines the traditional club membership with ADAC Euro-Schutzbrief.

Being an ADACPlusMember constitutes a major extension of services in Germany for you. Furthermore, we offer you financial safeguards in other European countries. In the event of illness and injury we will even protect you worldwide. The costs of medical treatment by a doctor or in a hospital on journeys, however, are not covered by the ADACPlusMembership.

The attractive service package of the ADACPlusMembership protects you and your spouse/partner when driving your own and also other party's vehicles in Germany and Europe-wide following a breakdown, accident and theft. In addition each other driver may claim the same services, when driving a vehicle that is registered in your or your spouse's name. With the following services we will help you, if the protected vehicle is no longer mobile owing to an accident or if it was stolen:

- Breakdown and accident assistance (Paragraf 23) to EUR 200.-
- Assistance with lost or defective car keys (Paragraf 24)
- Towing (Paragraf 25) up to EUR 200.-
- Off-road recovery (Paragraf 26)
- Accommodation costs after vehicle loss (Paragraf 27)
- Transfers after vehicle loss (Paragraf 28)
- Travel expenses after loss of driver (Paragraf 29)
- Vehicle transportation (Paragraf 30)
- Passenger transport 'Pick-up' (Paragraf 31)
- Spare parts despatch (Paragraf 32)
- Vehicle customs clearance and scrapping (Paragraf 33)

The person-related PlusServices following illness and injury are even provided to you, your spouse/partner and your minor children on journeys worldwide, regardless of the means of transport chosen. The PlusServices following illness and injury include:

- Medical repatriation (Paragraf 12)
- Accommodation expenses (Paragraf 13)
- Hospital visit (Paragraf 14)
- Escort service for children (Paragraf 15)
- Non-scheduled return (Paragraf 16)
- Assistance in special emergencies (Paragraf 17)
- Repatriation of pets (Paragraf 18)
- Medication and spectacles despatch (Paragraf 19)
- Assistance with the loss of travel documents (Paragraf 20)
- Interpreters service (Paragraf 21)
- Vehicle recovery in the event of vehicle loss in Europe
(Paragraf 22)
- Credit services

The comprehensive safety of the ADACPlusMembership is available to you for an annual fee of EUR 79,50.

The ADACPlusMembership protects all vehicles regardless of the vehicle type, which do not exceed the following measures and dimensions:

max. vehicle length 10,- m
max. total length 2,55 m
max. total height 3,- m Motorcaravans max. 3,20 m
max. admissible total weight 3,50 t Motorcaravans max. 7,50 t
max. number of persons (incl. driver) 9 persons

The insurance covers free of charge the towed one-axle trailer which includes the above mentioned dimensions and weights (including cargo). Trailers whose axles are less than 1 m apart are regarded as one-axle trailers.

For motorhomes exceeding the defined maximum dimensions, the following benefits shall be excluded:

- Off-road recovery (Paragraf 26)
- Vehicle transportation (Paragraf 30)
- Passenger transport 'Pick-up' (Paragraf 31)
- Vehicle customs clearance and scrapping (Paragraf 33)

I send you with this email a application and information in english via pdf-file. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that arise.

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