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Burstner 748 -2 (more water)

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HI, Has any 1 here brought a ready made water tank 2 fit neatly into a 747/748 for more water pls (if so from where )
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I have solved our lack of water capacity by putting a 12v socket by the fill inlet and use a pump and water roll so I don't have to up sticks every couple of days if we are pitched comfortably.

hello GJW

I've moved your post to the BUrstner forum - seems more appropriate.

try CAK tanks
I did not fit them but I have 2 water tanks beside the 1 under the seat (747-2). I belive they came from cak tanks. not sure how they got them in under the floor very they are a tight fit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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