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We ve had a 2004 arto 69G for the past 3 years. It has been superb. When we ve been to shows and looked at other MH's we usually come back to ours and realise again how well designed and well made it is.

The only criticsms we have is that the ride is a little hard and the screen while offering fantastic views of the scenery can let a lot of heat in when its sunny.

MPG we get 21 on motorways/Autoroutes at 70-75 or 24 on A roads/RNs

The mods we have made
1, 12v/230v roof aircon
2, Cruise control
3, replaced standard table with a smaller tuck away one (details available if reqd)
4, Dripstrips to top right of roof.

The only regular maintenance issue seems to be to keep the window drainholes clear otherwise they leak.

can t think of anything else


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Hi Nicholsong,

I have an Arto 64el and love it! Very well screwed together and no complaints at all.

This guy HERE is selling a 2003 Arto 69. From his previous posts, I think he only got it recently, so there may be a story.

Whatever, check that the habitation damp checks have been done and the book stamped, same for the engine/chassis, especially the torsion bars on the Alko rear axle have been greased regularly.

The factory is very helpful and have a repair centre.

Peter Hambilton at Preston has an arto windscreen in stock if it should ever break. (and he is a good guy for service/repair/modifications!)

Just check everything works, tyre condition and date code - if they are original, they will be due replacement regardless of tread depth.

And join the N&B club in the UK -

All the best

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