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I just had an e mail from cahoot saying that I needed to re apply as they had been upgrading their system and they gave a link. As I've never had a cahoot account I deleted it as its an obvious scam but how do they get my e mail address? At one time Telecom was selling phone number lists so is somebody doing the same on line? :x , worrying as I'm carefull who gets my address, come to think of it I sometimes get an e mail from a female I've never heard of saying "hi"they get deleted as well,
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It's easy to get an email address, everytime you send a message the recipient get it, if he forwards your message they get it too unless he's smart and uses BCC (blind carbon copy), after a few forwards your email could go around the world, scary innit.

What's it say in that avatar, if you blow it up you can't read it.

Kev. :Fade-color :Fade-color
He's saying" whatever happened to our sexual relations?"
She's replying "I don't know, I don't think we even had a Christmas card from them last year" :lol:
Very good Chris.

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