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Calor Bottle filled in Europe with Gaslow Adapters.

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Hi, I hope someone can help me with some information. We are heading to Europe for three months in 12 days, I have exhausted my knowledge on ways to get around the age old problem of getting gas bottles filled in Europe. I have a 15 KG Calor Gas Bottle and was wondering if there is a range of adapters I can buy so I can get it filled on the Continent.

There is a range of products on the Calor gas caravanning website that look like they might do the job but it is confusing.

Can someone tell me if this is even possible and if so what adapters and pipes do I need to buy?

I have looked in to carrying another 15kg bottle but the ferry companies say you are only allowed one. I don't have the time or budget to go with a Gaslow system although I'm sure many of you very experienced campers would say is the best option. If I can't get something sorted before we go I guess I will have to resort to buying a Camping Gaz bottle and Regulator in Europe once our Calor runs out.

Thanks you all very much for you precious time.
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First Your Calor propane (red) bottle should be 13kg, VERY important, 13 kg= 26 litres.
Suggest you research the forums re Calor adapter E Bay, and only go down this route if you are confident of your capabilities.

Item number: 260424145312
I can help you if you are coming to Spain either with a Spanish Repsol bottle you can fill anywhere for 12 euros or a camping gaz similar but smaller and refills approx 9 euros. I buy them when I see them going cheap at sales. Join MHF. then yiu can PM me. The gaz bottle of course gets you out of trouble in France and I have always carried one but only needed to use it for the BBQ. :)
Hi Rak
The subject of refill propane adaptors has been debated at length in the past.
To gain access to these discussions you will have to pay £10 subscription to join MHF.

If I remember correctly Spanish gas bottles have the regulator clipped onto the bottle,I am sure C7Ken will say if that's just adding a pigtail adaptor will not work.Do I guess that your gas locker will only take one bottle which is why the ferry company will not allow you to carry a second one. You could have fitted to your gas pipe past the fitted regulator a 'T' piece which can be sealed off until you wish to connect the Spanish bottle to the system.using a fresh hose.done professionally of course.

Cabby and to the original poster. I have all the fittings necessary to fit these bottles . Both clip on regulator or freeflo with hose to connect to onboard bulkhead regulator. They are very cheap to buy over here. This offer applies to all MHF members of course and I have got bottles and fittings for quite a few members who are down this way. . The dogs kennel is full of Spanish bottles :) The dog prefers indoors in comfort
Great thanks for your speedy replies.


I forgot to add it is a Blue Bottle, Butane. Its actually a 14.5 KG but I have been advised that they are 15KG now and when I swap my current one i will get a 15KG.

So im gathering that if it was a Propane bottle I could get an adapter.


Thanks for this info. Can you just confirm, Camping Gaz seems to be my other option. I would need to buy a regulator, should I get this in the UK, or can I get in Europe? or from you? Also if I was to come and see you I could get a camping Gaz 907 or 904 bottle from you?


I do appologise, I actually got this wrong. SeaFrance only allow one, but P&O say two would be ok. Also they didnt say it had to be ventilated and only had to be secured. I guess this might also bring me to the question of if I take two 15KG bottles one would have to go in the Van its self. Would this be considered dangerous? I would be able to secure it in there but I guess it would not be ventilated.Yes there is only room for one bottle in the gas locker.

Also Im gathering I should join MHF. Thanks
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Hi Rak
Yes I do have one camping gaz bottle left but I always see them at auctions etc. so I can get more. Look in your local free ads paper and you may see one advertised if its cheap buy it. The fittings are not expensive for these. About 10euros .If you have a built in regulator and have used a calor butane bottle then the same hose will fit the Gaz fitting . If you dont get anything and are coming this way (Alicante) let me know in plenty of time and I will make sure I have one. They are very expensive to buy new even here but are extremely handy when you run out of calor , repsol or other gasses. I will be travelling a lot from July 7th so if we are to meet it may have to be before then :)
PS The filling adaptors referred to earlier are for red calor propane so no good for your calor butane bottle. Try to get a red one if you want to use one of these adaptors
Rak said:
Great thanks for your speedy replies.


I forgot to add it is a Blue Bottle, Butane. Its actually a 14.5 KG but I have been advised that they are 15KG now and when I swap my current one i will get a 15KG.

So im gathering that if it was a Propane bottle I could get an adapter.
Yes, next time you change do it for a 13kg Propane bottle. No charge for changing to a different sized bottle or different gas. You'll need a new pigtail, an adapter and away you go. That's after you've swotted up of course. :)
Great, thanks for all your help guys.

C7KEN, I think we may still be in portugal at that stage. But thanks for helpng.

I am gathering that the best solution for me would be to get another 15KG butane bottle and secure it inside the van. x2 15KG bottles will hopefully last us for the 3 months.

The Propane option would need alot more planning and time which I dont really have, Im gathering that I would need 1. A new Propane Regulator 2. A Pig Tail. 3. An LPG Filling Adapter + European fittings. 4. Two Propane bottles as the ised is that you refil once a bottle is completely empty. If you dont have two you will keep running out in the middle of dinner.

Thanks again for all your help.
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