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Having lived in Jersey for 30 years and now in the IOM for three this may make interesting reading

Island named as the new hotspot for caravanners

JERSEY has been featured in the United Kingdom's best-selling caravan magazine.
The Island has been of great interest to the caravan press since it relaxed the rules on allowing caravans in last year.

Described as 'caravanning's newest hotspot', Jersey is the subject of a seven-page spread in the February edition of Practical Caravan.

The article outlines many of Jersey's attractions as well as detailing the three sites that are allowed to take caravans and mobile homes - Beuvelande campsite, Rozel Camping Park and Rose Farm.

Each site has been given a 'Practical Caravan Inspected and Rated' stamp of approval.

The author visited the Island last summer and was assisted by staff at Jersey Tourism. The attractions have been divided into three categories - a floral tour, a cycling tour and 'Jersey and the Sea' - and include Samarès Manor, Grève de Lecq Barracks and the Fish Market.

The regulation preventing caravans from visiting Jersey was lifted last year for a trial period, but this has been extended to the whole of this season after the pilot scheme went smoothly. Caravanners can only arrive from March to October, the caravan can only travel to and from the campsite once, and visitors must receive a permit from Tourism, which is sent to them by the campsite. The sites are limited to 30 caravans each at any one time.

'We issued around 150 permits last year, and the "one-stop-shop" approach, whereby the campsite organises everything for the visitor, including sending out permits and booking the ferry, worked very well,' said Nigel Philpott, quality development director at Tourism. 'We understand from caravanning bodies in the UK that they received more than 600 requests for information on Jersey, so we're hopeful that this season will be busy.

'The object of the exercise is to increase tourism business to the Island under strict controls so that it is not detrimental to the local community.'

Rozel Camping Park's owner, St Martin Constable John Germain, said that the year ahead looked promising. 'We have actually had more inquiries from people with caravans and mobile homes than we have had for camping,' he said.

'Allowing caravans has been a great step forward for tourism in Jersey. It has extended our season because people are happy to stay in caravans and mobile homes in April and May when camping is less popular. Also, the Island's attractions are not so crowded then.

'Our first caravan arrives on 4 April and we are certainly raring to go this season.'

If you think this has been interesting also consider the IOM. The IOM is three times larger than Jersey, you do not need permits, great camp sites, Peel in particular with its own new swimming pool and miles and miles of open empty roads. Lots to see and do, believe me it is not all rain and kippers

Finally providing one does not come during TT time, one can bring a Motorhome for under £200 return There are good fast connections from Liverpool (2 1/2 hrs) and bigger vans over 3 tons can travel from Heysham. (3 3/4 hrs)

Give it a try abd you will find the IOm is an hotter spot than Jersey

Regards Norman
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