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Can anyone help a newbie with Fiamma awning please?

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Hi All,

Had our MH now for two weeks and today during the ten minutes of sun we had we decided to extend the Flamma awning to see A) if it works and B) How!! :lol:

I worked out how to extend it and Mrs Dafo held onto the end as I slowly unwound and unwound and unwound...................and unwound !! :?

After it was around 6-8 feet out we couldnt work out where the legs are !!! Or are they called supports ?? :oops:

Mrs Dafo by now is almost crippled with her arms outstretched to hold onto it. We could see what looks like a v- shape support up in the awning and some brackets on the side of the MH but by now Mrs Dafo was calling me lots of names so I slowly rewound it back into the housing and thought I would use the site to ask!! :roll:

Think we're slowly posting a question on just about every appliance or accessory so many thanks for your replies.

Dave and Lin (arms longer than they were) Ford :lol:
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If you look inside the long strip that is the first bit to come out, you'll find the legs in there. If memory serves me correctly you have to push or pull the leg towards the side of the awning to free up the end of the leg from its housing in the middle of the bar - it then just drops down. Do this for each of the 2 legs.
The legs are spring loaded so you have to push from the centre to the edge that the leg is attached to. Because it's so long you should wind it out about a metre then put the legs down, wind out a bit more and then move the legs out past the front of the awning then wind it out fully, then square up the legs and set to the required height.
Another tip, if it's raining and the awning is out, lower one side so that the rain will run off. If you don't do this it holds a real lot of rain and will either break or soak you when you try and remove it.
Hi, if your still having problems visit
ther are lots of video clips and info on this site, i'm sure you'llfind what your looking for

Many thanks for all the replies.

Yep -gi the awning out again today and found the legs........unfortunately both were broken off their mountings so needed some repairs but eventually all sorted.

Great support everyone..................thanks a lot

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