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Since getting our campervan 2 years ago,my car has lay in the garage since then.the problem is i am a perfectionist and the car for being 12 years old is still in brand new condition fully rust treated there is no rust under or anywhere at 50k miles it still drives as good as the day it came out the showroom.
Its worth next to nothing as its priced a little more than the bangers.
it would break my heart to sell it for next to nothing after all the years of total care.I have to move it in and out to get my motorbike out which is a pain.
if i sold it ,then some idiot would probably smash into and right off the van sitting in the street.if i keep it then i would have a car if same happened .
left in a garage cant be good for it but what can i do.
Iam a victim of my own success.
and makes me think it may be better to have just used and abused it like most people do rather than try to preserve it for ever.
its a black 405 with all the trimmings
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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