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Just thought i would let anyone know who is thinking of attending this show, that if you buy your tickets online now here, you get discounted rate i.e. £7.50 per adult ticket compared to £9.50 on the door. There is a 50p charge for the transaction online though, still lots cheaper :)
The charge also includes a free catalogue normally costing £5.00

I bought my two tickets saving me £8.50 overall :)

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First Day at the Show

Well we went on the first day, it wasn't crowded and seemed fairly quiet, salesmen talking to each other and drinking champagne, but didn't get offered any.

Disappointed in the trade stands, many more at the outside exhibitions for accessories, although the manufacturers were there at the show, Fiamma, Al-Ko, Dometic, etc.,

No Frankia's, well if they were they I missed them, and no Autostars, come on Marty you need to get to these main shows, even a small converter from Torquay were there, if you don't get out and about you won't get the name known.

Had a look at the Exsis (Hymer) and took a few pictures as I have a friend who was interested in them, but personally didn't like the bed, not much headroom - but looked contemporary.

Still think the Rapido's are looking good at the moment as is the Knaus, but they only appear to have the Sunliner these days and not the Traveliner.

I was ONLY looking at A Class and in the sort of £45-£60k price range and didn't see anything I would swap for at the moment, even if I had the money!

Noticed that Hymer have now discontinued the Starline 640 and you basically have to want a rear corner bed or a garage/bed design these days, shame really, not everyone wants that size of vehicle or that layout.

Liked the look of the Buerstner's (spelling) front end on their A Class motorhomes.

Did speak to a few magazines and distributors about this web site and suggested they had a look - after all the more people who know about it and join - hopefully the more information that will be added to this site.


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Well as this is my first proper article, bear with me for any typographical/grammatical mistakes :)
First impression of the show is good, Lots and Lots of motorhomes to see
not too many people around so no waiting around outside motorhomes in turn to see the interiors.

We received a welcome pack on arrival which contained a show guide and some Yorkshire Tea.

The dealers were quite unhelpful, only one dealer actually assisted us/even seemed keen to see us, unsure whether this is down to mine and wives age group (late twenties-mid thirties) and they didnt see us as potential clients, but still bad practice nonetheless.

as mentioned on other mailing lists recently, Hymer have a strange policy whereby the cheaper models are open to viewing as per normal whereas the expensive models are unavailable for viewing unless appointment arranged. This may work in a dealership environment but in a public show it seems a strange way to encourage ownership.

As we wandered through the caravan section towards our target motorhomes we noted that the Airstream american design Caravan with its aluminium exterior was attracting many viewings with a long queue developing to see its interior.

One dealer (who will remain nameless) when approached reference a particular marquee that his dealership offered stated that this particular manufacturer only did one A Class model and had never done any others before that, completely incorrect !!!, one can only wander at how many years experience these dealers have sometimes and whether they actually do their homework and research older models for comparisons at the very least.

The food although very tasty and of large portions was expensive at the Salut upstairs Cafe/Restaurant, but afforded a brilliant view of the exhibition whilst munching away.

We were accosted on way back near Earls Court underground station by a market researcher and as we weren't in any rush we let him take us through his tick sheet. He was obviously employed by some automatic levelling device manufacturer and hadn't got a clue what he was asking questions on which made for some very entertaining answers.

There were many more younger couples there than we expected, obviously due to large amount of people making

good use of thier postive equity in their homes due to fluid property market

As Carol mentioned there was a profusion of Models with Garages, Rear fixed beds etc in the A class market ranges we were looking at £40-60K

Some newish design ideas were apparent with one manufacturer plumping for seats in their showers, a good idea, although maybe a different material should be used compared to wooden slatting. Laika had also opted for a unusual front table setup on one of their models which at first seemed unworkable but after taking in the whole design, seemed like a niche that might become part of a new interior setup. I think it was the Laika H722 that had it.

There was a plethora of magazine promotions going on, from free editions, subsidised £1 editions, through to competitions etc. We took advantage of all the offers :)

Very limited accessories seen, lots of emphasis on particular brand names.

All in all, it was a good show for couples like us who were after a look around many different manufacturers motorhomes, but not so good for those people shopping around for accessories.
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