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Caravan Club Credit Card

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Does anyone use the club credit card and if so are there any restrictions on the use of the site night vouchers earned as a reward?

Also I can find posts going back 07/08 when people were not happy with the club card due to charges incurred when using it abroad is this still the case.

Any thoughts and opinions appreciated.

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Yes I have a CC Club Card and there are restrictions.

You can't use them on CL's, Managed sites or affilliated sites.

They have expiry dates on them and they cannot be re-issued or "cashed in".

Since they changed over to Barclaycard as their issuer there are charges for everything! Especially abroad.

I once missed there payment date by one day and had an enormouse charge applied. Don't use them any more. Just keep the card for emergencies.

Most of the cards that used to have no charges for overseas use have changed all that since the credit crunch.

Hope this helps.
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Yes I have one and use it all the time for my business. Just redeemed my points for 7 vouchers with an expiry date of November 2010.

Yes we have this card and use it solely. We try to use it as much as we can so that we can collect our nigtht vouchers. We have never encountered any problems when using the vouchers, so far. :)
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