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Changing MH

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I am thinking of buying a 2004 Chausson 27 (Transit 2.4TD) I can find little in the way a reviews and know little about their reputation?

Could anyoe enlighten me on the quality and reliability of what I gather is a mid-range MH. Also what about the Transit as a base?

Advice much appreciated

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Thanks M & D.

Just wondering why the Transit is used very much less often than a Peugeot/Fiat base??

Does anyone have a Chausson with good or bad experiences?

Thanks for the valuable comments.

Unfortunately I was stupid tenough to look around and am impressed by a new CI Mizar!!! Fits the bill of lots of space for 2/3 plus fitted bunks for when we take the grandkids.

Am impressed and it seems good value for money though there are obviously the odd bits not quite fitting correctly.

Questions are about quality. Reviews seem good but can anyone confirm CI's reputation or have experience of same model or earlier version.

Best wishes

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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