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Most of these 'discount voucher' or 'loyalty card' or 'newspaper token' schemes are actually a big con. The deal is accompanied with small print clauses which include 'subject to availability' and 'only on specific dates'. These are dates when the ship is usually only half full, and the ferry company are running cheap fares on these dates anyway.

I find the best trick is to phone the call centre at Irish Ferries and tell them you've got the crossing from Stena for only 125 quid. If they come in at lower, get your Visa card out. If this fails, phone the Stena call centre and tell them you've got the crossing from Irish Ferries for only 125 quid. If they come in lower, get your Visa card out. If both fail, get your girlfriend to play the same trick with a price of 150 quid. and so on.

I once did Ireland by turning up at Irish Ferries and asking their travel centre for directions to the Stena. They tend to suggest that their service is better and when the next sailing is. This is your 'in' on the deal, then do trick above. The one thing to remember is be flexible, after all you're in a motorhome. If todays sailing is too expensive, then spend an extra day in Wales, and go for an off peak crossing on wet Wednesday at 03h00am. Same visa versa. Remember, always negotiate, and never give your custom to anyone unless they lower the price. 8)

This is the shrewd guy who got Newhaven-Dieppe then Cherbourg-Rosslare then Rosslare-Fishguard all in for only £120 plus cabins. The trouble with the English is that they're usually too ashamed to ask for a deal. Go for it ! :lol:

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