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Children as passengers

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We’ve just bought our first motorhome, which is due to arrive on Saturday, and we’re looking forward to trying it out in the near future. It’s a 3½ year old (Fiat) Rapido 742F, which for the uninitiated is a low profile with fixed double bed and a half dinette (facing forward).

First I need to attend to a few essentials – like getting some MH insurance – and I see that the insurance forum on this website is full of helpful suggestions.

Another thought that occurred to me is that certain members of my family who have small children may express in interest in borrowing the vehicle at some point in the future. Does anyone know if there is an age or size (height?) limit when carrying children? There are four adult seat belts in the MH, two being in the cab and the other two being the half dinette

More to the point, my brother is separated from his partner and has an average size five year old son. If a childseat could be installed on the front passenger seat or one of the dinette seats, would my five year old nephew be considered safe while my brother is driving?

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Whenever anyone expreses an interest in borrowing Tincan I play the insurance card, "only covered for herself an meself, fierce expensive to cover anyone else". Never fails but if you do decide to loan yours out check the insurance. Afraid I cant help with your query on kiddy seats

Childseat. We have travelled with our Granson almost since he was born both here in the UK and also in Europe. Never had an issue with fitting a car seat either in the dinette section or on the passenger seat.
I know some will frown about the front seat travelling but when we are alone I prefer him there against in the back on his own.. Plus I have him in training for map reading and speed camera spotting :D
yes, we've had the grandchildren in the 'van in their own car seats, they love it! Make sure you have the belts properly looped round the seat, basically in the same way as in the car.
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