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CI Mizar problem

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On my little control panel thingy above the door there are buttons to push in order to find out the water levels. the 1st push brings up a picture of a tank called S1 and is for the fresh water tank. the 2nd push on this button brings up 2 pictures of tanks labelled S2 and S3. My question is what are they as they don't show any thing in them? I think one of them should of been for the waste water tank but even when thats full the S2 and S3 images on the panel remain empty. Can any Mizar owners shed some light on this please, Cheers Dave
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Hi Dave!

Besides yourselves, there are another 42 MHF members with a CI Mizar. I would have thought you could PM any of them.

Go to the Memberlist flag above, enter "CI Mizar" and see who the owners are. Some contribute posts quite often.
hello fellow Mizar owner...

yes the S2 and S3 tank guages are for the waste tanks - Mizars only come with 1 waste tank as standard so you should only get a reading in S2. (1/3, 2/3 or 3/3)

If there is no reading then obviously a problem, have a look at the electrical connectors on the side of the waste tank, are they tight and clean? I'm not sure how to remove the probes, I had a problem with always showing full however I just shoved a hose pipe up through the exit valve and hey presto! it's all ok now. They seem to be sensitive to crap in the tank.

If still nothing is showing on S2 perhaps they forgot to wire the thing in and will be a dealer job?!!
Thanks UncleNorm, I'm very new to all this and didn't realise that function was there. I will make good use of it in the future

Cheers, Dave
Cheers stevenjonathan, Thats a great help. The vehicle is new so should not have any crap in tank (Ihope), so will probably be as you suggested and not wired in properly. I can see wires coming out of the tank at different levels and they seem to be ok, so must be problem at panel end.

Only problem I have now is finding a dealer willing to take on the warrenty work as I brought it from Discover Herne Bay the week before they shut down :evil:

Many Thanks, Dave
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