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Classic toads?

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Thinking outside the box here. Smart car is little too obvious and expensive for me although I do like them. Also only two seats.

Would like an original fiat 500 but they are also ridiulous money now. Saw a bloke last year who had a Mini Moke in a huge locker in the back of his (large) van. That was cool.

Currently considering a 4 door Austin A30 I have been offered.

anyone else got a classic toad out there?
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Hi Moatmeister,

Try looking at a Chevrolet Matiz. I bought a three year old model in VG nick 12 months ago with 28K miles: After Tax/MOT/Insuring it, I had change from £3k

I think that the older models were Daewoo badged until Chevrolet took them over and made a few minor changes, about 4 or 5 years.

Unlike a lot of small cars they have 4 Doors and belts for 5 (Dwarfs LOL). We have since seen quite a few rigged as Toads, at both Newbury & Stratford MH Shows this year.

Plus, Our MHF Rally Queen, LadyJ (Jackie & John) have one too - so it must be a good choice!

Ours has yet to be A-Frame modified; but Chris Cox Co. has been well recommended and we plan to arrange it in next few weeks.

(A Citroen C1 would have been MY first choice - But at £3k I am well happy that Maggie spotted this wee MATIZ at a local dealer)

Hope this narrows your choice for you.

Bob L
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Thanks for taking an interest in my post and I wish you happy motoring with your Matiz. However I was particulary talking about classic cars as toads on the basis that they are easily maintained, potentially cheap to buy, have free road tax and cheap insurance. Minis, beetles, 2CVs, Fiat 500s heralds, etc. Have seen several moderns on the back of vans but no old cars (yet). Will Herbert the Austin A30 be the first? I doubt it!!
Ah So, THAT type of 'Classic' - now I understand your needs, LOL.

(I Should have hung onto our 1968 2 Litre Triumph Vitesse: That turned on a Tanner and really went !!)

Best of Luck in your hunting,

Having owned an A35 (Amongst many other classics) I would have thought it is a bit heavy (Built like tanks, dontcha know....) :wink:
If it were me, I would look at an original Mini, Fiat 127 (If you can find one!), Citroen 2CV, Peugeot 104, MK 1 Ford Fiesta etc. All much lighter weight.
Good luck. :D
We saw a Morris Minor being toad on an A Frame a couple of weeks ago if that's any help, it was going the opposite way on the A1, so didn't see just how old it was.

We tow a Fiat Punto JTD on an A Frame and I'm sure the old Minor must be lighter that that.
I like the Fiat 127 idea but what about a 127 with a roof chop?
That would be cool,cheap and less weight too.
A frame nearly finished and A30 MOT'd today, standby for pictures!!
Maybe not exactly a classic but it is a pretty rare car that I tow, a 1994 Suzuki Cappuccino. It only weighs 700kg, is a full convertible with a hard top, and a 660cc 3 cylinder turbocharged engine with air con that's a hoot to drive.
Getting a good rust free example is the hard bit though!


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2CV or its uprated brother The Dyane i had a bright yellow one it was sooo powerful it had to have discs on the front-theones on bikes are bigger!! :lol:
Beach Buggy

We've towed a VW Beach Buggy on an unbraked A frame very successfully this season behind our Rapido A Class. The Buggy is based on a 1970 Beetle so incurs zero road tax (Historic Vehicle) and low insurance (about £100 fully comp this year). The A frames are available for the Buggy (Beetle) chassis from most VW Beetle specialists and cost around £70. The whole thing weighs in at 560kg and as such I never really know we have it on the back which is lucky we have a rear view camera which enables us too keep a watchful eye on it. The Buggy was built over a 5 year period by an engineer and finally registered in 2006. The thing is an absolute hoot to drive and is quite noticeable with it's Rainbow Glitter Fibreglass body work with Barbie Pink Interior and contrasting Bordeaux Violet Chassis.
Excellent work Bigbus, thats exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. Post some pics please!
Apologies moatmeister I have no idea how to post pics here but will have a go, otherwise if you can give me your email address I can send you whatever pics you wish.


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Oooo got the hang of this so here's a couple more. Note the wet weather gear fitted to it when towing behind the Bus. One minus point is you get a helluva sun tan when in it without the roof on. The biggest plus for me are the easy peasy mechanicals, for example I took the engine out in 40 mins to change the clutch thrust bearing and had it back in and running in another 40 mins. Parts are cheap and easy to obtain from VW specialists. It has no water cooling system (aircooled), no servo brakes, no power steering and no electronics to go wrong. Engine is a 1300cc standard Beetle with a twin choke progressive Weber Carb. The A frame easily attatches to the front axle beam but will only fit chassis from 1965 model year onwards.


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Hi moatmeister
ever thought about a Trabant. Loads here in Hungary prices from under 800euros. sorry if I misled anyone with 80 euros
A Trabby would be cool. Line me one up and i'll pop over with the trailer!!

Just braved the friday night M6 for the first proper test tow with all facilities. All seems fine. Ill try it on the van tomorrow, and hopefully find the time to give it a quick blow over round the bottom edges with some (nearly) matching green paint pending a proper repaint this winter. Then we're off up north on Tuesday.

Got overtaken by a hired Laika on Italian plates who's co pilot was getting very excited and taking loads of pics out of the window!!


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And after application of a tin of "instant restoration"..........


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