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Comfort Insurance - Excellent Service

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Short history! Have recently had our Peugeot 107 modified for a Car-a Tow braked A frame. The insurance cover was Comprehensive through RAC Direct for the car. RAC Direct do not do comprehensive cover for the car when towed behind the motorhome. :cry: Earlier on this week I did a bit of a trawl through one or two well known insurance companies to find one that would provide the cover. The only decent one, in my opinion, was Comfort Insurance so I gave them a ring on Wednesday. Spoke to a guy called Nish and asked for a quote for the 107 etc etc. By Wednesday evening I had both a quote for the 107 and my wife's car (no harm/cost in asking!) in my email inbox. Used Thursday and yesterday to look through the details (including the small print) and rang Nish back at 2.30 p.m. yesterday to confirm that I wanted the insurance for the 107. It didn't take long, insurance cover started yesterday at 2.30 p.m. and the certificate and other associated "bumpf" fell through our letterbox this morning!! :D :D

I cancelled the RAC Direct insurance by telephone as soon as I had finished speaking with Nish yesterday and posted that certificate back to them today. As far as my wife's insurance quote goes, it also beats the RAC Direct premium and because the current insurance does not run out until July 09, we are waiting until then to change over (anticipating that Comfort will still be competitive!).

The only downside is that I also asked for a quote for the motorhome and that actually worked out about £60 dearer than my current premium with Caravanguard. The current premium is due for renewal this August so I will see what the cost is then compared to Comfort's!!

All in all, I'm exceptionally pleased with the service and professionalism I have so far received and believe that credit should be given where due.

Oh and I got the MHF discount as well on the car insurance!! :D :D 8)


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