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Confirming me for Pickering please

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hi could someone confirm me for the puckering show please don't know haw to do this...

many thanks
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on the MHf list? You have to go on to rallies & put yourself down for it, Then pay your moey to warners and gte booked in on the MHf section. You can then go back in & confirm on the MHF rally.

btw I've moved this to shows - you had it in Base chassis / Fiat
confirming me for pickering please

Hi troy (clayton9)
You have added your self to the rally list,have you paid your money to wanrners yet,just let me know when you have and i will confirm you on the list.

Hi Scottie...

I have paid and got the email from warners to confirm me...

sorry didn.t know haw to confirm myself...

Many Thanks
Hi clayton9

I have confirmed you on the MHFacts Pickering list.

Thanks for letting us know.
confirming me for pickering please

I have confirmed your place for pickering,and look forward to seeing you there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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