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Considering a 1995 Frankia I620

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I'm Canadian and planning a tour of the UK and Europe. I intend to buy a motorhome, tour for a few months, store it and repeat the whole exercise every year for a few years.

I do most of my RVing in North America with a travel trailer. So I'm not very familiar with motorhomes on either side of the pond. I have owned and used VW Westfalia campers in the past on both sides however.

My original plan was to stick with a Fiat based motorhome no older than the year 2000 and no more expensive than £20,000.00. Now I've come across a 1995 Frankia I620 that's a bit older but looks like it might be worth considering.

Of course, I've only seen what I can of it on the web so far but I'd appreciate any input on what the quality of such a vehicle might be, assuming it's still in reasonable condition.

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I am not too familiar whiith the older Frankia's but the new ones are considered to be high quality well built German machines. Sorry I can't be of much more help, hopefully somebody else will be along soon.

Good luck with your plans.
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