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Converting Manual To Automatic

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Now I know a lot of you will Automatically say not possible or riddled with difficulty, BUT.

Its not rocket science is it?

Mercedes V6 Manual

to convert to Auto.....

Auto Gearbox
New Dash Pod (Speedo/Tacho/Fuel/Gauge DIS)
Pedal Change
Gearbox ECU
Re-Program of ECU

Possible or a Nightmare?

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Hi you might add, gear box mounts, propshaft, oil cooler and maybe final drive ratio.

olley said:
Hi you might add, gear box mounts, propshaft, oil cooler and maybe final drive ratio.

And a shedfull of Greenbacks!! 8O
Please dont take this the wrong way,its not meant to offend you,But its one of those "if you need to ask you wont be able to do it" Apart from whats allready been mentioned theres also the possibility that the crank end will be different as you will need a stator plate to carry the torque converter, the starter will be different and possibly fitted in a different place.You will need a transmission oil cooler whuch may be incorparated in the radiator, the wiring loom will need to be modified to include a start inhibitor, alltogrther endless problems. It can be done but unless you can do it yourself the cost if you can find someone to do it will be horrendous.Best of luck.Roger
Hi Trev

why are you doing this? if it's a physical thing about working the clutch you don't need to go the whole hog for an automatic gearbox. Google "autoclutch" or look here for details of a simpler way to get 'automatic' gear changes.

And then the wiring harness.

The Merc full Auto is very very smooth though!!
Plus other things like the catalytic catalytic converter on my auto car is different on the manual version.

I would change my van as it would be cheaper to do.

Can i ask why would anybody even want to consider this. When we were looking for a MH (merc) one of the considerations was that we wanted a manual gearbox, we like to drive a vehicle and also thought that a traditional manual was better on fuel consumption and there was less chance of it going wrong. We were also informed that you had more control(manouevring up chocks, ferries etc)with a manual, is all/any of this true or were we misinformed? We went for a merc manual and cruise control.
PS We have just subscribed again after having issues with BT internet access etc, and now can only get access with a dongle(when the signal is good, it is very poor at home, so hence i am at work on my lunch hour). When we travel in the mh mind, the signal has been good so far.

Paul & Caz.
Paul and Caz,

Manuals are fine if you enjoy driving them. I used to, but a sport-related left knee injury and the pain of too many traffic jams means Auto gearboxes are the painless way to go - for me, anyway. Now I find the auto makes driving generally more relaxing which is what motorhome touring should be all about.

I've driven manual and auto versions of the same Merc cars, and frankly the weird umbrella handbrake design was either intended for 3-legged mutants, or the designer only had the auto version in mind. I don't know if this handbrake weirdness also applies to the Sprinter cab but if it does I would be wishing I had the auto version for that reason alone. :?

If you are very easy on clutches than perhaps that's a long-term running cost benefit but (touch wood) I've never had to have an auto gearbox replaced yet. I've had quite a few replacement clutches and some problems with manual gearboxes over the years.

A good auto gearbox should have transmission lock-up in top gear so on long trips the fuel consumption is on a par with the manual gearbox version of the same vehicle. The torque converter does mean you use more fuel in urban driving but that's a small price in my opinion. :)

Anyhow, you stick with the manual ones, if that's what you prefer. All I'm saying is that there's another side to this debate.

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Hi Speedydux

Yes, i agree, its great that everybody has different preferences/choices about which MH/Converter etc. We were informed by quite a few people not to go for the sprintshift gearbox as there were problems with it. We have been very pleased so far with the merc chassis, very strong and no problems after 2 years. More than i can say about the Hymer side of it mind(when Brownhills found out it was an import they didnt want to know).
I agree when i get older(43) i may see things from another viewpoint regarding automatics.

Hi SD my comments referred to a traditional auto not the modern versions which are simply standard gearboxes and clutches electrically operated, which I believe the sprint shift is.

That being said I would imagine you can just buy all the bits and bolt them on to your existing gearbox, maybe call a Merc garage and ask them.

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