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Corner steadies - are they effective?

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Just got back from a few days in Herefordshire. It was quite windy and the van did move a bit despite the steadies being down. I have never been completely sold on them but I wondered do others feel the same way? Are they an unnecessary add on? or am I not using them correctly?


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We had them fitted as an extra to our last M/H, and used them once in 3 years. It was particularly windy, and they seemed to make little or no difference. Current M/H came ready fitted with them, and we've never used them. I certainly wouldn't pay any extra in future to have them, and in fact may well take them off the current vehicle. I'm sure others will have similar views, just as I'm sure others will think the opposite!

Litttle effect - used ours twice in 3 years.

Took 'em off to save the weight.


I use mine to stop the van moving around as anyone gets in or out and when we generally walk around inside. We find the movement in those circumstances a bit uncomfortable and the stability provided by the steadies makes us feel as though we have turned the van from a 'motor' to a 'home'. Its part of the setting-up-on-site ritual I suppose.

I agree that they don't completely stop the van rocking in strong wind and it can be a bit of a 'work out' winding them up and down especially if you haven't done it for a while. Mine were particularly stiff on our first trip this season but WD40 came to the rescue. I've tried to use an electric drill with socket attached to operate them, which I've seen tuggers do, but neither of mine have enough torque.

On balance I think steadies are OK but I know loads of folks who never use them.

Hope to tour the Wye Valley/Herefordshire area soon ourselves, had a great week down there last year. Any recommendations?

Happy travels
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if we are stopping for more than a couple of nights i deploy the steadies as they do seem to work on our van. also if it is wndy during the night i lower them just to stop them from clanking and waking us up


Little or no use in my opinion.

I think it depends on the layout of your van. They make the biggest difference to a rear lounge with large rear overhang.

With a front lounge you probably will not feel any difference.

It probably depends on the length of the rear overhang. I had absolutely no need for them on the Renault Panel Van but the Autocruise has a large overhang and just walking about towards the rear causes wobble and bounce.

Never considered using them for wind stability though.

I'm not sure what corner steadies on our m/h achieve either. Up or down, the vehicle will still rock slightly on its suspension when we move around or it gets really windy. They came with the towbar (I think? :? ) as they are attached to the underside of the towbar spars. The only thought I have is that they take up the weight of the overhang when we are set up when out and about?


Used them a few times but cant be bothered with them now.
On my old Autotrail (1992) on a Merc chassis you got sea sick if you didn't use them, on my new Autotrail (2005) Fiat Ducato chassis, it's very steady without them.

We use them all the time as it reduces the movment of the van. You do need to wind them down hard though to take the slack up in the suspension. Our are like little bottle jacks (telescopic) and not they type that comes down as an arm.

When we had steadies it was too much of a pain in the ar*e to lower them for what they did, But wild camping is not getting a lot of level ground so I had hydraulic levellers fitted amazing within 2 minutes perfectly level AND rigid no amount of wind moves us and if anyone moves in the night, Not a Milli of movement.
Used them TWICE in ten years. The second time, I drove off with them DOWN! It took an hour to refit them. :roll: :cry:

Since then, I've advised other folk to "PUT THE WHEELBRACE ACROSS YOUR PEDALS" as a reminder! I've seen others try the same trick!! :wink:
zappy61 said:
Just got back from a few days in Herefordshire. It was quite windy and the van did move a bit despite the steadies being down. I have never been completely sold on them but I wondered do others feel the same way? Are they an unnecessary add on? or am I not using them correctly?


Unless you're on concrete it is absolutely essential to wind them down on to a substantial pad of some kind - a one foot length of old plank would be ideal. If you rely on the small footprint of the corner steady alone the initially small movement of the van transmitted through the steady will cause it to burrow in to the surface within minutes and render them totally ineffective. Used properly they will undoubtedly make a big difference, especially when it's windy or when there are children ricocheting about !
I put mine down every time because they steady the van. Mine are not the wind down type but a click and drop variety - no time no problem
Good thread, good question because I am at the re fit stage with my camper and have been wondering if I should place the bed at the back across the axles or down the side of the camper to allow for my viking like love making..... 8) :roll:

I did the standing sway test. Bed across the back and the camper would move dramatically but allow better living space. Bed down the length of the can and very little movement but layout would suffer a little. Corner steadies were on my 'to buy' list but I'm not so sure now having read some of these repsonses.

My experience....I do believe in caravan type steadies. However they really need to operate 'across' the MH. Mine are on a fore and aft line and certainly don't do too much steadying.
Obviously the vehicle rocks sideways much more than fore and aft!! :wink:
Thanks for the replies very interesting. I do use two squares of timber about 150mm square to rest them on but I don't wind them up and down a couple of times which I will try. I am never sure how much torque to give them because I know they are meant to steady not jack up. Ted hit on a good point the movement is side to side because the steadies are on the two main chassis supports on the alko chassis so I don't think there is anything you can do about that. I would like the hydraulic levellers but I think they may be a bit pricey and the co-pilot will have other expenditure priorities!

Jagman, we stayed at Townsend farm in the Best of British a bit pricey £18 fully serviced pitch but a very nice site. Gets busy weekends though but we will go again.


Use them most of the time. Rear fixed bed :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dave P

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