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chrisgog said:
Can someone please clarify the cost of a second warranty service for a fiat 2.3jtd ducatto. Mileage will be around 11,000.

My cousin just received a quote from Swansea fiat dealers for £460 to include vat and parts. That is absolutely crazy?

I just phoned St Dogmaels in Cardigan and they said £140 plust vat and parts.

Any idea if Swansea are correct as they claim fiat are changing things? Not sure what though. Apparently Cardiff will not service motorhomes now.

Anyone else been given silly prices like this and is it correct that as long as fiat parts are used then you can cover the warranty with a non-fiat garage?

It does seem a bit steep. My 2nd service on our last mhome which was a Peugeot much the same vehicle was £180 ish . total. Think we had a few extras ie wipers to carry in the locker. I would shop around but do make sure if its under warranty that you do it on time & with a fiat service garage.

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