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Cost of fiat second warranty service £460??????

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Can someone please clarify the cost of a second warranty service for a fiat 2.3jtd ducatto. Mileage will be around 11,000.

My cousin just received a quote from Swansea fiat dealers for £460 to include vat and parts. That is absolutely crazy?

I just phoned St Dogmaels in Cardigan and they said £140 plust vat and parts.

Any idea if Swansea are correct as they claim fiat are changing things? Not sure what though. Apparently Cardiff will not service motorhomes now.

Anyone else been given silly prices like this and is it correct that as long as fiat parts are used then you can cover the warranty with a non-fiat garage?
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I think you mean the seperate habitation and `normal` Fiat/Merc/Vw service. The agent probably could not do one or the other, ie Fiat dealer does not do habitation services, in December a well known dealer near the A1 / A17 junction charged me 511 for both, thats with a 10% discount for being a gold card member. You might have problems with next years MOT, not all garages can accommadate a MH weight/height sometimes requires a search or a query on here.
Hi Chrisgog,
I think you misunderstood my comments.
I am aware that the two services are seperate, in my case as I had some warrenty work on the body fibreglass left from the previous year to be completed it was as well to have both done at the same time with the selling dealer, it involved a 200 mile round trip!
The job ended back at the factory (Autotrail) as they refused to accept the quotation from the dealer, the even collected from my home rather than pay the dealers prices! But thats another story.i
If there is work under the warrenty at the selling dealers expense/liabilaty, another dealer or garage would not usually be interested as the costs could not be recouped.
If you ask for a low milage service in the second year the cost quoted to me recently by a main Fiat dealer was £169. At year 3 dont forget its time to change brake fluid and additional items so it would add to the cost. In saying this I would agree that the costs at main dealers are expensive, but be wary, if like me you have an extended warrenty (5 years) read the small print. This sometimes does not take into account the recent changes in the EEC law! They catch you all ways.
Regards Malc
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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