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Countryside Motorhomes - Any good?

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I'm looking for a company to modify some furniture in my Hymer and came across this company which is just up the road from me. I've made contact by phone and its all been positive so far.
I do know that Hambilton Engineering have a good reputation for mods to Hymers but it would save a lot of hassle if I could have it done locally.

Nuffink in comany reports forum as far as I can see.

Anyone had any work done by this company and like to comment either way?

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not heard of them; there are, and will be be companies starting up who are focusing on customer service who deserve a chance to succeed. Many of them (I don't know about the one you qoute) will be started up by people who have experience in motorhomes and have been dumped or made redundant by the major dealers.
Thanks Mike;

This is a family run outfit who have been around for a while afaik.
Anyway, i'm off for a visit, probably tommorrow so we'll see.

Anyone else know of them?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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