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Cramer Barbecue

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Hi, can anyone help where I can find a UK dealer for this
CRAMER Barbecue

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Possibly a company called Leisure Spares. I dont have a link to hand but Google for them They are Cramer Suppliers
hi rrusty,

did you mean to put up a link to somwhere? or a picture? there's nothing in your post to give us any clue :roll: :wink:

This is the sort of barbecue I am trying to source I have goggled cramer and found the German main dealer but I am trying to find a dealer in the UK.

We were on holiday in France for the last 2 weeks & the couple we were there with had a very old one of these that he bought for £8 at a car boot sale, they were cooking burgers chops ect on the grill while on top there was 3 pots going for all the veg ect, so in effect the flame heats what is on top & on the bottom so more economical and faster.

The fold down storing away size is very good as well.


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Pete (vennwood) has given a good link there, you just need to find which one of their outlets stock it.

If you get no joy with that then Movera have them listed on their website...

Hymeruk or Brownhills can usually source movera stuff.

Hi folks I am still struggling to find a UK dealer for the Cramer barbecue.

I have contacted Dometic, Oleary & Leisure spares all of whom do Cramer hobs & ovens, but not the barbecues.

Movera do them but all I can get is the German site but it is not all that helpful IE where can I order one from in the UK.

Can anyone else help.

Can anyone please advise. I am getting a Cramer Gas Grill direct from Germany and they are asking if it is to be 30 or 50 m bar.

My MH has got the gas plug in on the outside of the MH.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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