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Crimper needed URGENT Please

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Hi Has anyone around the leeds area got a Terminal crimper (first one down 16mm2) for a few mins, I'll come to you, use it, and then I'll have two leisure batteries.

It says they can be crimped or soldered, but my soldering iron won't even get them warm it's only 125 watts.

HELP :h: :e: :l: :p:

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I thought for a minute you were having a bad hair day :wink: :roll:
Ooh you little tart.

I'll scratch your eyes out.

No just miffed that I need to borrow, I hate borrowing stuff.

Have you tried using a small blowtorch to melt the solder?
or if you have a vice use it to squeeze a small nail held at right angles across the barrel of the terminal to crimp the cable.... if it is "in situ" you may manage to do it this way with a mole grip in place of a vice.

I prefer to see them soldered though :roll:


Go to B&Q buy a set crimp the cable, take them back get refund. Cheapest tool hire in the world. It works everytime.
you can solder on a gas ring!! 8O 8O I use a blow torch to do some soldering. - It makes a better connection 8)
Unfortunately the cables are in situ, so vices and gas burners are not an option, as it took ages to fit them.

Blow torch is good idea if I had one, I think Aldi/Lidl had one on offer a few weeks ago, but didn't need one then, there is a tool hire place up the road, so I might just put my best smile on, hope one of them is gay, and ask sweetly if I could just sort of use his tool for a minute or three.

Halfords sell ready made battery cables of all lengths. Start at £4.50.
Look up FORK LIFT TRUCK SERVICE or WELDING SUPPLIES in your local Yellow Pages as they will have kit that will crimp up to at least 70 mm sq.
I reckon one of the small 'cooks torchs' used for ecreme brulee would do the trick and the flame is very precise,just put damp cloths to avoid anything in the area burning and beware of hydrogen gas.
bigfoot said:
beware of hydrogen gas.
Id'e stick to the crimping theory or it could be BOOM BOOM lets shake the room :? :?

Could you not use something like these

Alan H
Not enough room for those Alan, and they're not really very heavy duty.

Mole grips cannot exert enough force to tighten the crimp enough to get a positive connection, same goes for the halfords clamps, the are OK to use for engine battery connections as they take a large load for a very short time, I'm intending to connect to 2200watt inverter with these crimps, and if they aren't tight they'll get very warm.

So it either has to be a proper crimping tool or well soldered.

I've never understood the theory of soldering something that's going to get bloody, hot, wouldn't the soldered joint then fail??? :? :? :?

Kev_n_Liz said:
I'm intending to connect to 2200watt inverter with these crimps, .
Then you had better dump the 16mm cable because its no where near big enough

At a guess you would need about 50mm

"2.2kw inverter " how big is your telly 8O 8O
Alan H
It's a big un.

2200 watts,
Are you sending a probe to the moon.

Dave P

Sorry, The cables joining the batteries are 16/20mm2, the leads for the inverter will be 35mm2 however I need to be able to attach the leads from the inverter to the battery, which means I need terminals with attachment points. I also realise that when the Inverter is running at max it will need to draw power from both batts but not enough (according to boffins in the know) to need bigger cable between the batteries.

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