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Day Parking In Chartres??

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Visiting early August ....

Wondered if anyone has any info on places to park during the day ... going to try the parking spot at Luisant for overnighting

Tried the tourist board, but just got back the reply 'you are too tall for the underground parking in Chartres'. No advice at all of any alternatives.


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I had a look around when we were there a couple of years ago, there is some parking down towards the river, but it's a congested city. The municipal site is fine, and easily accessible along the river & into town.
We parked alongside the river at the bottom of the hill below the cathedral. There were parking meters, but we visited at lunchtime and there was no charge between 12 and 2pm if I remember correctly.

It was along Boulevard du Maréshal Foch.

Google Maps
Derek - I think that was the area we parked in 8) . The French free parking at lunchtime is very civilised, don't you think? :lol:
I asked a similar question a while back, have a look >Here< where there is some excellent advice.

Chartres is not very motorhome friendly for parking but we ended up squeezing in a carpark near the centre and, as Derek mentions, it was free during luchtime, as it is in most towns in France. There are other options mentioned in the link above.
We were planning to stay the night at Luissant but ended up moving elsewhere.

Thanks for the replies

We want to spend the day in Chartres rather than a quick 2 hour visit, does anyone know what the parking meter rate is??

I don't usually ( well never really ) use campsites in France, but might consider the municipal depending on what the parking rates are.

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