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Dealer in Suffolk please!

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Help! Having a lovely time on the Suffolk coast for a couple of days, but spoilt only by the water pump on our van packing up. So it's buckets for washing in right now. Anyone know anywhere in the lowestoft area that might have areplacement? That's the pump for the taps, not the engine btw. It's a 1993 hymer, but I think they're all much the same. Getting slightly urgent as I'm starting to niff a bit and I don't fancy tipping a bucket of water over my head...
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Probably someone closer to you, but Simpsons in Yarmouth is a big M/H dealer, or there's a Marquis in Martlesham (just on the coast side of Ipswich)
Check here :)

PS Becks and Simpsons at Yarmouth are possibly the best two.
I believe there is Stowmarket Caravans who do spares etc which might be close to you.

colian said:
I believe there is Stowmarket Caravans who do spares etc which might be close to you.

They're quite good, but it seems a trek across from Lowestoft - up or down the A12 might be easier!
Dealers near Lowestoft

Harlequin Services in Oulton Broad keep lots of spares, they do most of their dealings on Ebay but also have a shop off Bridge Road. As you are online you could have a look through their website.
They are certainly the closest, alternately Great Yarmouth Caravans keep a good range of pump bits.

What a pain :roll:

Not sure whereabouts you are on Suffolk coast but if south then Bentley Leisure is very helpful. They're in north Essex and also deal a lot with Hymers.

Dines Farm,
Flag Hill,
GT Bentley,
Essex, CO7 8RF

01255 823333
brilliant, thanks. Went to harlequin in oulton broad, very helpful, they sold me a whale pump and now all is well. Plus I can get a shower and mrs b is most relieved. Thanks for the replies, what a great bunch you are!
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